Versatility is synonymous with MicroActive

MicroActive software by Micromeritics was designed to be fast, easy to use, and versatile.  These design goals translated into powerful but simple to use software.  One of the most versatile features of MicroActive is compatibility with data collected from a wide variety of instruments including all Micromeritics gas adsorption analyzers, reference data, and data from other instrument manufacturers.

New versatility features in MicroActive 3.0:

  1. Copy data from your Micromeritics AutoPore software and Paste it into a gas adsorption file.  This simple copy and paste eliminates the inconvenience of using text files or “csv” files to merge data and provides versatility that is as easy and familiar as copy and paste.
  2. MicroActive 3.0 is compatible with chemisorption data from Micromeritics ASAP 2020, ASAP 2010, ChemiSorb 2480, and 3Flex.  MicroActive is not just for physisorption data.  A world class material characterization program relies upon more than just physical adsorption, surface area, and porosity.  MicroActive is not restricted to just physical adsorption data.

These new versatility features provides users with a foundation for collaboration, data convergence, and creativity.

paste_hgThere are three methods available for merging the pore size distributions from gas adsorption and mercury intrusion porosimetry.

  1. Right-click on any pore size technique: BJH, Dollimore-Heel, HK, SF, and NLDFT, and then select Paste AutoPore data.
  2. MicroActive 3.0 also allows the user to paste data from their favorite spreadsheet.
  3. Import from a text file.

mip_overlayThe overlay of the mercury intrusion data is displayed in MicroActive and will also be displayed in the pore size report.

microActive_chemiThis rapid and intuitive copy and paste feature eliminates the need for creating unnecessary text or csv files.

Version 3.0 brings the speed, power, and simplicity of MicroActive to chemisorption.  The interactive features allow users to quickly view and model their data to directly obtain the best results.  MicroActive may be used with chemisorption data from 3Flex, ASAP 2020 & 2010, and ChemiSorb 2480.  The MicroActive feature set is also standard with the 3Flex chemisorption option.