New capabilities for the 3Flex – simultaneous analysis of three samples each using a different adsorptive

The Micromeritics 3Flex design includes metal seals, hard seal valves, and both a Pirani and cold cathode vacuum gauges.  The hardware is complemented by the state of the art software which continuously monitors  the status of the instrument.  These hardware and software feautures allow 3Flex users to perform adsorption experiments that were previously unavailable in multi-port instruments.  3Flex users may characterize three samples simultaneously and each sample may use a different adsorptive.  

For example,multi_ex


  1. Zeolite 4A on sample port 1 using hydrogen,
  2. Zeolite 13X on sample port 2 using nitrogen,
  3. Zeolite 5A on sample port 3 using argon.

The high-performance 3Flex vacuum system coupled with minimal system volumes allows for rapid gas supply changes while maintaining superior levels of cleanliness.  This new capability is a standard feature available for all 3Flex users.

For additional information on the 3Flex or other Micromeritics instruments please contact your local representative.