Monthly Archives: November 2014

Temperature Gradient Analysis for Determining Melting Point of Proteins Using the NanoPlus

The NanoPlus includes a temperature gradient feature for size and zeta potential.  This unique feature allows the researcher to further utilize the built-in Peltier Thermo-electric controller for temperature studies.  The sample cell in the NanoPlus can be held at a specific temperature between 5°C to 90°C or a gradient of increasing or decreasing temperatures in 0.1°C increments or greater.  This is ideal for determining the melting point, or denaturing point, of proteins using the NanoPlus. Continue reading

Adding a custom model to the NLDFT library – a CO2 GCMC model for carbons

New models for determining the pore volume and pore size distribution of porous solids may be easily added to MicroActive.  These kernels developed using NLDFT, GCMC and other variants have been available for more than 20 years.  Traditionally instrument manufacturers have supplied these proprietary models.  To introduce new powerful capabilities for users, Micromeritics has developed a simple program to convert model isotherms (a kernel) to a model file that can be easily used with MicroActive.  This provides users the full capabilities of the MicroActive user interface and advanced deconvolution techniques. Continue reading